Reset and unwind with our vitacig de-stress pack

Everyone experiences stress in daily life. This is a normal part of the human condition. But It becomes problematic when it’s prolonged and elevated. In this case, it can seriously affect your well-being.

There are many common-sense tips that might help decrease your stress level. Suggestions include exercises on a regular basis, meditation, relaxation procedures, connecting people, getting enough rest and eating sensibly and much more.

VITACIG DE-STRESS Pack is one of the little ways you can ease stress and reset your day.

Containing Focus blend for the body and mind to stay clear and focused, Sleep blend to improve the quality of your sleep and Stress blend to bring a calming effect of the body.

STRESS S-Edition Aroma Inhaler

Close your eyes and notice your breathing. VITACIG STRESS blend is perfect for the moments when life is hectic and your mind is overcrowded. It plunges you in a chocolate mood with a hint of refreshing mint, encouraging stress relief, bringing calm and peace to your body and mind.

SLEEP S-Edition Aroma Inhaler

If sleep is avoiding you, pick VITACIG SLEEP up to help calm your mind and drift off. SLEEP S-Edition Aroma Inhaler blends the soothing aroma of lavender with a hint of vanilla, intended for use when you are ready to relax, meditate, unwind, or go to sleep. Valerian, Lemon and Neroli Oil extracts help to increase the effect.

FOCUS S-Edition Aroma Inhaler

Sometimes it’s just so hard to stay focused to finish your day’s tasks. It could be a little easier with VITACIG FOCUS, an inhalable natural cognitive booster. This energising Focus blend introduces the refreshing and awakening aroma of coffee, infused with a proprietary blend of herbs, caffeine, and nutrients. It has a stimulation effect, improves your concentration, helps support optimal cognition and acute focus, bringing clarity of mind.

Spending just two minutes focusing on specific good thoughts or taking a few deep breaths can help reduce stress and calm your mind. Be active, be happy, stay healthy!