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What you need to know about the VitaCig® Excalibur

Whether you are about to take delivery or have been using your VitaCig Excalibur Kit for a while, this article will help you get the most from your VitaCig Excalibur device. VitaCig® Excalibur Aroma Inhaler Kit is an advanced longer-lasting rechargeable tobacco-free and nicotine-free capsule system. The Kit comes with the Excalibur Read More...
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Update from Delahay&Co Management

Thank you very much for all your support in these unprecedented times. Our office remains open and we are still able to fulfil our online orders. The Royal Mail is still running a reliable service and is offering safe deliveries, where the driver will sign for you, so you have no contact with them. Please have patience with our staff Read More...
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A Good Night’s Sleep: Tips and Tricks to Sleep Better

We all need enough sleep to be happy and healthy. In accordance with the NHS recommendations, most adults need between 6 and 9 hours of good quality sleep a night. If you wake up tired and irritable, if you feel down and find it hard to concentrate and remember things, spend the day thinking about a chance to have a nap, it is likely Read More...