Are vitacig products addictive?

You Asked, We Answered. There are no addictive compounds in VITACIG ingredients. They do NOT contain nicotine, which is the highly addictive compound found naturally in tobacco leaves. VitaCig products are FREE from tobacco, tar and pollution. Despite this wonderful fact, you must be aged 18 years or over to purchase and use VitaCig products.

VITACIG is a kind of slim, stylish anti-cigarette.

There are currently a lot of various vape products on the market that claim to be the healthiest alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. But many of them are still including harmful chemicals and addictive ingredients like nicotine.

The creators of the VITACIG brand have found a way of taking what you love about smoking and turned it into a healthier experience. VitaCig aromatherapy devices don’t use burning technology, so you don’t actually smoke.

VITACIG portable aroma inhalers are often mistaken for e-cigarettes. They work pretty much the same way, but e-cigarettes vaporise a propylene glycol compound or vegetable glycerine, nicotine and artificial flavours. VitaCig devices use its own MaxVG formula and it doesn’t contain nicotine or other artificial components.

VITACIG uses the lowest temperature possible to obtain its desired effects. This is the reason why the quantity of the mist released from VITACIG aroma inhalers is much smaller than you would see from other devices.

Water Vapourisation Technology

VITACIG devices use water vapourisation technology to deliver refreshing flavoured water vapours, created from vitamin-enhanced liquids, diluted essential oils and plant extracts. The visible mist is nothing more than water vapour, similar to the steam that you get when you boil water. The liquid in the inhalers is usually heated up slightly, and the body tube protects you from any burns and overheating injuries.

How Long VITACIGs Last

Each VitaCig aroma inhaler provides you with approximately 300-400 breaths. This amounts to nearly a few weeks of daily use, but depends on how often you use the device. In general, the more you use the inhaler, the quicker the liquid is depleted.

We recommend to breathe our blends in through the mouth and blow out through the nose. It should not be inhaled into the lungs, like a cigarette, never fully inhaled. You may not experience the effects immediately. Most users usually experience a pleasant effect within 5-10 minutes after breathing VITACIG.

Find your VITACIG:

The VITACIG aromatherapy device comes in 13 blends without any nicotine, tobacco, or other artificial components.

There are currently Six VitaCig® Classic flavours to choose from:

In addition to our Classic flavours you can choose from one of the Six S-Edition blends:

Each of the S-Edition aroma therapeutic blends has a unique combination of vitamins and ingredients that will help you find the results you are looking for.

Please note, in order to use the Excalibur capsules, you will need a VitaCig EXCALIBUR UNIT. Simply attach a capsule to the fully charged VitaCig Excalibur unit, screw on, tighten, and take in instant pleasure. Replace capsule after 300 – 400 inhales.

In case you want to try out more than one VITACIG blend at a given time, there are a few different packs that you can purchase often at discounted prices.

Breathe in, breathe out! Just give it a try!